l We Apologise For The Inconvenience: Weekend backlog clearing

September 17, 2005

Weekend backlog clearing

Since I've had the camera since Tuesday and tonight is Saturday, there should be 5 pictures up--which aren't. Time to clear up the account and a bonus shot for good measure.

This photo was a fun juxtaposition :) Would be a real cracker if the dog's name was Brinks, but I know it isn't. Still, dog, behind fence, half asleep, next to security sign...couldn't resist taking the picture.

When I first bought mom a digicam, I'd tried to do a very similar shot; now having much more control over exposure parameters and camera position, did it again. Perhaps a bit more exposure could be applied to get a brighter halo, but it would wash out detail in the central hotspot even further.

An experiment in fill-flash, since the the weeping bottle-brush was backlit (note the glowing "hair" on the edge of the leaves). -2EV flash compensation.


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