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September 30, 2007

home is where the heart is

"What you see is what you get, and I suggest you get used to it. Because I will never make you proud, and that's something I can live with. Things don't change, they stay the same. It's only the words that rearrange. I am the person I can't ignore. I am the person that I abhor. Fifteen years of endless fear, of stolen youth, of keeping clear. I am the person you can't ignore." --As Friends Rust


Blogger Gaia said...

Raynd ylrac, pid muja hajan pnaygc. Hud dryd geht, yd maycd. Ed kuac paouht ihtancdyhtehk, yht hudrehk femm pnayg ed. Vun kuut un vun funca.
Rusa ec frana oui yna, frana ouin raynd ec, fedreh oui. Oui syga ouin ufh rusa. Frema oui caynlr vun ouin ufh, E femm uvvan oui uha. Y bmyla frana oui yna hajan tecbmylat, y cbyla du veht ouin ufh cbyla, y rusa du lymm y rusa, frana fa lyh pudr ced uh dra robrahc uv uin tiymedeac, sygehk vih uv tecdyhlac yht seqehk dnytedeuhc mega dra ehknateahdc uv y tameleuic saym. Ced uh so cruimtan, littma ib eh so bulgad, cdnadlr ymuhk so yns yht ced fedreh sa. Cmaab eh so druikrdc.
Dryd ec fryd vneahtc yna vun. Dryd ec fryd E ys rana vun. Fedr(eh) sa, oui femm ymfyoc ryja y rusa.

September 30, 2007 at 1:55 AM  

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