l We Apologise For The Inconvenience: October 2010

October 3, 2010

Streets on Fire

"no safe zone no cure and no protection
no symptoms define the signs of an infection
no vaccines, remedies, and no corrections
Quarantine the dreams and seal off the connections
don't let them in not a friend not a reflection
everybody's got it and want you to have it next and
don't accept them if you want to stay as an exception
no pill can heal the ill of this
sickness some are still in doubt of its existence
some call it forgiveness and some call it the vengeance
some say it's an exit and some say it's an entrance"
--Lupe Fiasco

Dirty Lenses

"If we don’t escape
We’ll turn into
Everything we
Hate but tell me do
We even have a chance?
If we don’t escape
The things we do
Won’t make a difference
It’s just me and you
& all our best laid plans"

Dead Leaves & The Dirty Ground

Worthless part deux

Welcome To Mystery

"There is a place where your mind can escape
All the problems today and go far, far away
This is a time with no history
Feel no misery, come and visit me
Welcome to mystery"
--Plain White T's